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eyeGauge, a French-Singaporean firm, brings digital innovation to the maritime industry.

Through their unified data platform, they can make any equipment 'smart' – 'without changing a thing'. The platform allows any kind of user to monitor a ship’s performance, fuel consumption, emissions, and machinery status.

With the help of BlueInvest, the startup successfully raised €530,000 in funding from investors.


An affordable solution for maritime digitalisation

Digital transformation increases value through innovation, improves customer experience and boosts efficiency.

However, until now, digital transformation solutions often required complex equipment upgrades. As a result, integrating automated monitoring to existing machinery and equipment was prohibitively expensive, especially in the blue economy.

To solve this issue, eyeGauge developed a unified data platform for ship owners, charters, technical managers, and operators.

The platform includes three layers: data collection, data unification and analytics.

Through accurate near real-time measuring and sharing of vessel performance, consumption and emissions data on the unified platform, decarbonisation goals can be achieved and relationships between shipowners and charterers improved.

The solution that eyeGauge offers is compatible with any type of machinery and equipment: a unique advantage. It is non-invasive and can be easily installed by the crew.

BlueInvest in action

eyeGauge participated in the Readiness Assistance programme and was chosen to pitch their innovation at BlueInvest Day 2023.

As stated by Rodion Denisyuk, CEO and Founder: “BlueInvest has helped us in many ways: by providing us with a technical support programme that enhanced our investment-readiness, while also offering us a platform to successfully connect with investors. It has truly boosted our opportunities for collaboration and growth.”

Their participation in the pitching connected them with an interested investor, leading to a successful €530,000 funding raise.


Picture from platform: eyeGauge's platform gives users real-time information about the emissions
eyeGauge's platform gives users real-time information about the emissions.

The maritime transportation industry is truly global. With eyeGauge's clients being spread across the world, they need to turn outwards to grow their client base. With the funds, they want to grow their business offerings and expand the customer base, while also increasing team strength. They are currently hiring to enforce their go-to-market and R&D team.

Based in Paris and Singapore, eyeGauge's team of professionals has years of hands-on experience in high-tech industries. Also, they have deep knowledge in enterprise software design and development, Big Data, Machine Learning and AI. Assisted by reputable experts with domain-specific knowledge, eyeGauge is committed delivering high-quality, efficient and accessible solutions for everyone.

With an eye on success, eyeGauge is poised to get bigger and better in the days to come.


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