BlueInvest Day is not just about discussions, panel discussions and networking: we believe in celebrating and rewarding the most innovative solutions of the Blue Economy. As part of our commitment to fostering growth and acknowledging outstanding contributions, we are thrilled to reward excellency in three different award categories as an integral part of BlueInvest Day. 

By offering the stage to our most innovative community members and giving them the opportunity to pitch in front of a jury, but also a croud of investors, BlueInvest Day 2024 goes beyond being a mere conference: it transforms into a platform where ideas are not only shared, but also recognised - with awards and investment opportunities.


BlueInvest Award Categories 

Category I: Net Zero, Ocean Pollution and Water Management

This category covers innovative technologies in the field of green shipping, shipyard and ports as well as ocean renewable energy, from offshore wind to wave energy to hydrogen solutions







Hefring Marine




Jury Panel:

Prisca JAUFFRINEAU, Associate, SWEN Capital Partners

Daniel JAVED, Senior Investment Director, Yotta Capital

Nityen LAL, Founding Partner, Icos Capital

Ingrid MAURSTAD, Impact Director, Katapult Ocean

Edward PHILLIPS, Investment Director, Future Planet Capital

Category II: Sustainable Food and Feed from the Ocean

This category covers innovative new food and feed from aquaculture, fisheries, renewable aquatic biological resources (alternative seafood, alternative food & feed, alternative proteins, marine, flora and seaweed).








Seawater Cubes (Winner of the People's Choice Awards)


Jury Panel:

Georg BAUNACH, Managing Partner & Co-founder, HATCH

Magali ROUSSELOT, Investment Director, Mirova

Lissy SMIT, CEO, Aqua-Spark

Sylvain TABONI, Investment Director, BNP Paribas

Pavel VELKOV, Managing Partner, Morningside Hill Capital

Category III: Blue Deep Tech and Ocean Observation

Smart technologies and AI-based solutions aimed at producing knowledge, goods, and services for the ocean including measurement, observation and forecasting of the ocean and human activity on the ocean for all purposes.






Deck Marine Systems





Jury Panel:

Andre DE ALMEIDA SANTOS, Partner, Indico Capital Partners

Ruben EIRAS, Secretary-General, Fórum Oceano

Jérôme GUERET, CEO, GO Capital

Anne LEBRETON-WOLF, Partner, Good Only Ventures

Lian Michelson, Partner, Vala Capital

Rita SOUSA, Partner, Faber Ocean / Climate Tech