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Projects consist of innovative, scalable and sustainable business ventures from traditional and emerging sectors of the maritime economy.

The graphs below provide an overview of the country distribution, sector, and TRL of projects currently listed in the BlueInvest Project Pipeline.


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AmA® Artificial Modular Reefs

AmA® Artificial Modular Reefs

  • Blue renewable energy

Company behind project
Okeanos Holdings BV


Problem we are solving
We are aiming to develop a multipurpose product that can serve as an Artificial Modular Reef that can be deployed offshore and produces Green Hydrogen Offshore, aiming to reduce scour, improve bio-conditions and reduce intermittency serving as nature inclusive designs in offshore wind farms, as well as serve as coastal protection and artificial reefs that can generate energy in remote and industrial settings.

Sustainable Impact on Blue Ecconomy
We are the first in the World to work a solution that generates Green Hydrogen UNDERWATER.

  • TRL 6 - System/subsystem model or prototype demonstration in a relevant environment

Financial NeedsYear One Euro 5 Million (R&D, Legal & Fiscal Structure, Patents, Fixed Costs, Marketing & Promotion)

Planned Funding Allocation
  • Improve our R&D: 40%
  • Sales and Marketing: 20%
  • Operations: 20%