What is BlueInvest Fundraising Assistance?

Fundraising assistance is a new feature of the BlueInvest initiative that aims to support equity round closures for 20 high potential EU start-ups with innovative blue economy solutions. Companies are invited to express interest to receive a tailored set of up to 20 days of 1:1 advisory services.

The coaching will be delivered by investors and investment-readiness experts with a proven track-record of preparing start-ups for negotiations with investors, at the seed-level, as well as for A- and B-series financing.

Interested? You can apply by clicking on the button below and completing the dedicated Fundraising Assistance application form. 



For any questions, reach out to us at lu-blueinvest@pwc.lu.



How it works

Selected companies will be coached to identify and connect with relevant investors, bullet-proof their investment dossier and master their pitch.

Depending on the needs and maturity of beneficiaries, the key topics to be covered include:

● Assessing the type of finance needed 

● Owning the investor landscape and understanding the investor’s perspective 

● Mastering the fundraising journey (from financial model to financial ask)

● Preparing a sound data room for investors

● The art of the pitch (venture storytelling about challenge, solution, market sizing, go-to-market, next steps and team, backed by credible numbers)

● Negotiating deals and preparing a solid dossier for due diligence 

As part of the fundraising assistance, all companies will also have the opportunity to join mock-up sessions with the BlueInvest team and a collective simulation-based workshop to prepare for their 1:1 pitches to investors.

Coaching fees: Please note that BlueInvest covers 20 days of coaching per company for this assistance. However, additional fees, such as a commission fee on the amount raised, are not covered by the programme and must be carried by selected beneficiaries. These fees are to be negotiated directly with the providers: negotiations are independent from the BlueInvest programme and rates shall be aligned with market standards.


Selection process for SMEs

Companies are invited to express their interest for BlueInvest fundraising assistance via this page and will be informed of selection results at the end of the application cycle. 

The selection process will focus on the following key aspects:

● Based in the EU-27

● Sustainability of the blue economy solution

● Clear fundraising strategy supported by relevant investor documentation such as an investment dossier, financial information, pitch deck, proof of concept (POC), etc.

● Fundraising experience and outcomes of past funding rounds

● Existing capital structure, type of finance needed, financial performance and growth projections