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13 Mari

Maritime elements increasing fuel efficiency by 7%

  • Shipbuilding & Refit

Company behind project
13 Mari


About Us
Krassi Fotev, Founder, Technical, Ph.D. Candidate

• Ph.D. candidacy in Physics in Non-Linear Time Series Analyses and Forecasting field;
• MS Degree in Physics / Meteorology, which triggered and supported the 13 Mari research and development since the concept inception in 2018;
• 28 years of full stack product development and team management software engineering experience, building distributed, highly available, low latency data processing solutions;
• 12 years of startup experience, founding, running, and managing startup companies;
• Excellent people management, estimation, prioritization, writing, and communication skills (3 spoken languages; has built and managed international teams).

Problem we are solving
13 Mari has developed an innovative way to reduce cargo ships' drag, thereby lowering fuel consumption to reduce carbon emissions and align with the maritime industry's goals.

The addressable market is estimated at $6.7B p.a., with 1/5 of it as a 13 Mari take rate (the product comes with 1 ROI in a 5-year scheduled maintenance-voyages-scheduled maintenance cycle). The CO2 elimination potential of the technology is estimated at 45,000,000 tonnes p.a..

The product is back by recent advancements in understanding origins of the fluid drag in a turbulent flow regime. It is decoupled from a propulsor and applicable to all vessel hull types, regardless of fuel and engine type, making it of interest longer term.

The 13 Mari product won the Captains Table global Maritime competition in Hong Kong, also won by Greywing and Clearbot. https://youtu.be/QJR6p98Kst4

Sustainable Impact on Blue Ecconomy
Passive, simple, zero OPEX product reducing fuel consumption and associated with the fuel wel- to-wake emissions by up to 7% across the entire commercial fleet. While there is no direct competition to the 13 Mari product, none of the competing energy saving devices come close in terms of return of investment and overall efficiency.

The product comes with 1 year return of investment. Just as an illustration, the following median fuel cost savings p.a. are projected across the different commercial vessel types:

Handysize $120,000
Handymax $150,000
Supramax $160,000
Panamax $180,000
Post-Panamax $200,000
Capesize $350,000
VLOC $430,000

Product Tanker $83,000
Coastal Tanker $140,000
Aframax $170,000
Suezmax $340,000
VLCC $560,000
ULCC $580,000

Container Carriers
Early Cotainerships $250,000
Fully cellular $350,000
Panamax $420,000
Panamax Max $560,000
Post Panamax $870,000
VLCS $1,400,000
ULCS $1,900,000

  • TRL 7 - System prototype demonstration in a relevant environment

  • Readiness Assistance Beneficiary

Financial Needs13 Mari Ltd is raising $1,000,000 seed round with a convertible note.
The deal terms are 8% interest, 20% discount, 24 mo maturity.

Planned Funding Allocation
  • Improve our R&D: 15
  • Sales and Marketing: 15
  • Operations: 20
  • To hire more resources: 50