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Adderra is a project of ADD-GRUP created for the purpose of development, marketing and sales of solution for utility submetering and payment amongst market operators, landlords and tenants. ADDERRA Efficient Rental Resources System is a trading platform in the field of short-term letting (tenancy) to keep resources records (electricity, water, etc.) in a transparent manner.
Typically, a landlord includes the cost of utilities in the rent. In the calculations, the average values of total consumption, divided between tenants, depending on the rented area, are used. At the same time, the tenant overpays very often in order to cover potential expenses, and the Landlord risks underestimating the amount charged to Tenants and is forced to pay for additional costs.
In order to effectively manage rental resources, first of all, detailed information on consumption is needed - when, where and how much was consumed, differentiated for each specific housing.
ADDERA System based on individual utility metering is intended for hotels, guest houses and apartment buildings. Utilities actually used by a tenant excludes any hidden payments, which makes the conditions for house renting transparent and easy to understand for both the Tenant and Landlord.
Using the System can significantly reduce the consumption of resources and easily compensate for the possible increase in prices for utilities, since payment by the meter forces the tenant to save resources. Opportunities are created to increase energy efficiency through the use of energy-saving equipment exactly where it is especially necessary. In turn, reduced consumption has a positive effect on the environment.
ADDERRA System holds minimum information about the market players that allows seamless adjusting of the System to the specified regulations of each country. No personal data or money transfer data is included.
The solution consists of electricity and water meters, smartphone app, integrated payment platform Stripe and cloud-based management software.

  • Other: Electricity and water efficiency

Company behind project
ADD Grup/Adderra

Moldova, Republic of

About Us
Adderra is a start-up company created by its corporate parent, ADD Grup. ADD Grup is a developer and manufacturer of smart metering solutions with 32 years’ experience and 8 million smart meters deployed in 35 countries.
Elena Turanskaya is a sole shareholder and CEO of ADD Grup and Adderra.

Problem we are solving
1. Unsustainable resource consumption: Tourists, unaware of costs and with utilities included in the rental fee, often overconsume water and electricity. This leads to environmental waste, higher carbon footprint, and inefficient resource management.
2. Lack of transparency and fairness: Landlords struggle with inaccurate cost estimations and potential revenue loss due to hidden fees or overconsumption. Tourists face unpredictable expenses and hidden costs within the rental fee. This creates a system lacking in transparency and fairness for both parties.

Sustainable Impact on Blue Ecconomy
The brilliance of the Adderra solution is in its ability to create opportunities for stakeholders to increase energy efficiencies through the use of equipment manufactured by a known, reliable submeter provider. Their ability to deliver said technology directly to the short and long-term rental sector differentiates Adderra from the competition. It allows the entire society to save resources and money, something everyone can support. The Adderra solution helps hoteliers and landlords attract additional guests through greater billing transparency and convenience. The benefits of Adderra extend to the guests and tenants, saving money through Adderra’s “pay- as-you-go” business platform. To put it simply, Adderra fosters responsible consumption of electricity and water through the end-user’s ability to monitor usage.
Regarding Adderra innovation, this type of comprehensive submetering solution with integrated billing and payment platform has not been observed in the market to date, giving Adderra a competitive edge. Additionally, marketplace operators will be partnered with Adderra to provide products and services, so an ecosystem is formed around the value chain to benefit many participants that can create network effects and elevate switching costs.
Furthermore, Adderra’s parent company ADD Grup, well positioned in the global smart metering industry, will provide high performance technologies for metering and management. The integrated water meter and shut-off valve performed by the ADD Grup is a brand-new technological solution.

  • TRL 8 - Actual system completed through test and demonstration

Financial NeedsTo finance the startup, the owners will contribute initial capital of 5 000 euros. There is a need for a contribution of 300 000 euros. This should be enough to pay for first year’s fixed costs of launching the business in Spain and an additional safety buffer. Variable costs only occur in connection with generated revenue and will be paid for from this new income. As a precaution, Adderra also examined the possibility of raising capital from different sources, some options for these financial sources are shown in the Adderra Business Plan. Additional capital will likely be needed when expanding to new, larger markets. There is also the eventuality that Adderra will be separated from the ADD Grup, perhaps to be sold as an investment project.

Planned Funding Allocation
  • Improve our R&D
  • Sales and Marketing: 100%
  • Operations
  • To hire more resources
  • New premises
  • Other, please specify