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Seasy’s team © Seasy

Seasy’s team
© Seasy

The growth of the European recreational boating sector and maritime tourism has spurred the demand for sustainability and innovation. This is where the Austrian-based startup Seasy comes in.

Founded in 2020, Seasy’s platform helps users discover, book and experience their next destination. At the same time, it supports more efficient and greener recreational boating.

With the support from the EU BlueInvest Readiness Assistance Programme, in July 2022 Seasy secured a remarkable seven-digit figure in fundraising. This was an important step in achieving their goal to expand throughout the European Mediterranean waters.


Redefining Sailing Convenience – Digitising Navigation, Safety and Sustainability

The Seasy platform uses advanced technology to enhance the sailing experience. It digitises the entire process from booking to cruising, analysing user behaviour, creating precise location maps, and optimising the use of marinas.

It also evaluates the environmental impact of the marinas, promoting the most sustainable options and suggesting routes to avoid protected areas. Users are encouraged to always be mindful of the environment while at sea.

The service includes weather warnings, as well. It helps users find the nearest available marina and predicts overcrowding, ensuring safer and easier docking.

Collaboration with the European Space Agency’s (ESA) global navigation satellite system integrates space technology into the Seasy platform, improving navigation and weather predictions.


Seasy at sea with BlueInvest

The recent boom in the boat market has given Seasy a golden opportunity to capture market share and shape marina technology of the future. Croatia remains Seasy’s strongest marina market, with successful debuts in Greece, Italy and Spain.

Seasy turned to BlueInvest to help its expansion in the European market. Niklas Baumgartner, Seasy CEO, says:


BlueInvest helped us by creating a tailored coaching program that connected us with investors passionate about sailing and marinas.”

The benefits of the coaching are clear. Seasy secured a seven-digit funding figure in July 2022. This has made the expansion to the European Mediterranean waters a reality.

Since then, Seasy's bookings and revenues have soared. Berth bookings have doubled from just over 5,000 in 2021 to more than 10,000 in 2022. Active user base has now tripled to over 300,000.

Seasy’s new objective is to become a one-stop shop for all boaters — all 4,500 coastal marinas in Europe and 25,000 worldwide. Building on its remarkable progress, the start-up is eying raising more funds to continue developing its platform and expanding its product line.



BlueInvest Readiness Assistance is the EU’s exclusive coaching programme for high potential EU start-ups and SMEs with innovative and sustainable products and solutions for the blue economy. Businesses and projects selected for Investment Readiness Assistance will receive coaching packages tailored specifically to their readiness levels and business objectives. The programme is impact-driven, with a clear focus on providing business support to help start-ups and SMEs build growth capacity and attract investment.

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