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Novell technology to produce photobioreactors

  • Blue biotechnology

Company behind project
Algoliner GmbH & Co. KG


About Us
The founder and one of the CEOs of the company (Hans Vaeth) has a 30-year experience in engineering and economics in the automotive industry. As an expert of mass production parts in the automotive industry he used his knowhow and experience to develop a novel technology for the realization of photobioreactors. Sustainable- as well as financial and functional aspects lead to the development of the Algoliner technology. Due to the hi risk at the beginning of the project, the core technology (realizing a mobile factory and the unique profile made from acrylic glass) was realized during several years as a side job from Hans Vaeth.
After the realization of our profiles worked properly, he started to realize the periphery components like flanges and bows also by using mass production techniques. After those steps where solved he hired several persons and established the current Algoliner who is realizing photobioreactors in every required size, including the entire sensorics and controllers.
All activities until today were funded from a group of private individuals around Dr. Markus Schramm who is also CEO of the company. Until today everything has been paid from the group of investors who were on board since the founding of the company in the year 2013.
Today Algoliner employ experienced engineers in different subjects to realize the current projects and are capable to lead the further grow of the company.
One son of the founder (Florian Vaeth) was always active in the company. Due to the financial situation of the past, he worked mostly without getting a direct compensation for his work.

Problem we are solving
The available land for agriculture is limited and the number of used pesticides must be reduced. The yield per surface is limited with classical farming and a shortage of water will most likely reduce the achievable yield in the future while the demand for biomass for food, feed, cosmetic, pharmacy and chemical industry will increase.

Sustainable Impact on Blue Ecconomy
Microalgae and Cyanobacteria are a huge challenge to overcome the current- and arising problems due to the climate crises and overpopulation. There biomass can be used for food, feed, cosmetical products, pharmaceutical products, chemical substances, and energy. Cultivating in our systems allow a much higher efficiency per surface unit, while we almost do not need water and no pesticides. The mechanical and chemical recycling possibilities of our systems provide a low CO2 footprint for the first installation and allows the CO2 to remain in the loop for ever, while we convert CO2 with the help of light into high end biomass. At the same time, we use CO2 from flue gas and use it in our reactors. Our technology is excellent to be integrated into a cycle economy.

  • TRL 7 - System prototype demonstration in a relevant environment

  • Readiness Assistance Beneficiary

Financial NeedsDuring the last months and especially due to our co-exhibitor status at the booth of the German industry company Festo, we observed, that the need and the interest onto our technology is enormous. The Chancellor of the German republic visited the exhibition stand, which demonstrate how important the technology is where we are working on. We need to bring our already existing pilot large-scale reactor from TRL 6 to TRL 9 shortly. We sell lab- and inoculum reactors but it would take too long to growth organically. Hence, we need for the next steps about 5 million € in total to complete our ongoing developments to lift the TRL level from 6 to 9.

Planned Funding Allocation
  • Improve our R&D: 20 %
  • Operations: 20 %
  • To hire more resources: 60 %