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Algae Capital

Algae Capital is a dynamic and forward-thinking organization that is currently in the process of upscaling its operations. As our company strives for growth and expansion, we recognize the importance of strategic insights and expert counsel to navigate the challenges inherent in the upscaling process. We believe that the program offers a unique opportunity to access the knowledge and expertise necessary to streamline our efforts and accelerate our trajectory.

The primary objective behind our application is to optimize our upscaling initiatives and ensure a swift and efficient transition to a larger operational scale.

  • Aquaculture

Company behind project
Algae Capital


About Us
As the Chief Executive Officer of Algae Capital, T-J van der Drift brings a wealth of experience and
leadership to the company. With a background in several industries, T-J has a proven track record to enable companies to grow from the outset into a mature, healthy enterprise. With his extensive experience knows T-J how to grow Algae Capital. Additionally, he has many connections with banks and other key partners.

In addition to T-J van der Drift, Algae Capital now consists of 10 valuable employees. These employees bring their own expertise and backgrounds with a wealth of experies in the areas of Strategy, Engineering, Business Development, Finance and Real Estate.

Problem we are solving
Algae Capital and its entities, excels in all aspects - from planning, design, and realization of the production facility to the production and sales of high-quality algae oil and protein powder.

For the construction of the production facility by Algae Projects, we leverage a strong network of partners. The production facility features a high-tech enclosed greenhouse, completed with a corresponding laboratory, processing area, and office space. Algae Biotech, in collaboration with renowned research institutions like WUR and Rannis, has conducted years of research for microalgae cultivation. This research has identified the best algae species concerning EPA, cultivation methods, and growth conditions.

Cultivation of microalgae by Algae Growth begins in the laboratory under strictly controlled conditions. Next, the microalgae are transferred to our cultivation system which consists of closed photobioreactors. Within this system, the microalgae flow through glass tubes, nourished by CO2, nitrogen, and other nutrients. The right balance between natural and artificial light enables year-round production.

Throughout the growing phase, factors such as temperature, light intensity, pH levels, and nutrient content are closely monitored and automatically adjusted as needed. During the growing phase, microalgae are continuously harvested in batches. After harvesting, the microalgae are dried and processed into algae powder in preparation for extracting essential components like omega-3 fatty acids and protein. This leads to our high-quality algae oil and protein powder. The entire production process employs advanced and automated equipment.

Algae Nutrition handles the sales of the final products. Since we have an active involvement across the entire supply chain, we can customize the end products according to the specific needs and preferences of our customers. This completes the circle.

Sustainable Impact on Blue Ecconomy
Market research shows a substantial demand for plant-based, omega-3-rich products with high levels of DHA and EPA. However, the availability of plant-based omega-3-rich products with high EPA levels is limited, because most algae species are low in EPA compared to DHA. Additionally, DHA can be produced through fermentation or even artificial chemical processes, while the same does not apply to EPA. This makes the large-scale production of EPA much more challenging and complex.

With our unique cultivation method, we employ a custom-designed configuration of closed photobioreactors, a high-tech enclosed greenhouse, advanced monitoring systems, artificial intelligence, and the most efficient algae growth conditions. This method coupled with carefully selected algae species allows us to produce algae oil and powder with high levels of EPA. Our entire production process is engineered to meet the strict quality standards of the food and pharmaceutical industries.

Sustainability is at the heart of our production facility. Our production facilities are designed to minimize waste and have a negative ecological footprint. Moreover, our first production facility in Iceland utilizes sustainable and local geothermal energy. Additionally, we generate local job opportunities and promote sustainable, scientific research. Our commitment to R&D keeps us at the forefront of technological and scientific advances in microalgae research.

Furthermore, what distinguishes Algae Capital is our comprehensive expertise, facilitated by our entities in collaboration with our strong network of experienced partners. We balance our commitment to human health and ecological sustainability with economic viability. Our production facilities are scalable and globally applicable, providing the flexibility needed for future expansion. This combination generates appealing investment opportunities.

  • TRL 7 - System prototype demonstration in a relevant environment

  • Readiness Assistance Beneficiary

Financial NeedsThe estimated total cost of the project in Iceland amounts to € 50.000.000. This includes a growing facility of 2 hectares high-tech enclosed greenhouse completed with a corresponding laboratory, processing area, and office space. Our own investment will amount € 10.000.000. We aim for an external investment contribution of approximately 50% of the total project cost. However, this percentage can be lower if desired. We intend to finance the remaining amount through loans.

Planned Funding Allocation
  • Improve our R&D: 20
  • Operations: 10
  • To hire more resources: 10
  • New premises: 60