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Accelerating Marine Restoration in the Dutch North Sea - The first large-scale oyster restoration project in the Dutch Central Oyster Grounds

We aim to contribute to the urgently needed conservation and restoration of marine biodiversity, habitats and ecosystems in the North Sea. Oyster reefs enhance biodiversity, sequester carbon, reduce nitrogen and provide coastal protection. We are working to introduce 200 million native oysters in the Dutch North Sea and thus accomplish Europe's first large-scale oyster restoration project. Because local sourcing, risk mitigation and community engagement are central to our approach to achieving low cost and effective restoration, we will also bolster local economies that have been negatively impacted by the degradation of marine environments including the North Sea’s fishing communities.

  • Coastal and environmental protection and regeneration

Company behind project
Brighter Seas


About Us
Andrew Klein (Co-Founder & CEO) - a serial entrepreneur who has founded companies that collectively have raised over $15 billion of capital for companies, investment funds and sustainable infrastructure projects.
Marc-Philip Buckhout (Co-Founder & Operations)- an accomplished marine and aquaculture policy expert with significant experience in project management and community engagement.
Christian Wienecke (Co-Founder & COO)- a veteran food industry executive with a strong track record for establishing sustainable supply chains, starting and managing fast growing businesses.

Problem we are solving
Our approach aims to address the critical issue of oyster reef degradation in Dutch waters (over 90% destroyed). Oyster reefs are vital marine ecosystems and have experienced severe decline due to factors such as habitat loss, pollution, and climate change. This degradation poses a threat to the overall health of marine environments, impacting biodiversity and jeopardizing the ecological balance. By leveraging innovative techniques, our approach seeks to restore and rejuvenate oyster reefs, fostering the recovery of these essential ecosystems. Through a combination of scientific research, community engagement, and the use of native oyster species, our approach not only tackles the symptoms of reef decline but addresses the root causes, contributing to the long-term health and sustainability of Dutch marine habitats.

Sustainable Impact on Blue Ecconomy
Our solution offers a unique and sustainable value proposition by addressing the pressing environmental issue of oyster reef degradation in Dutch waters. Our approach combines cutting-edge ecological research with community engagement to create a self-sustaining oyster reef ecosystem, which can only be achieved in a large-scale effort as proposed by Brighter Seas. Moreover, our innovative techniques prioritize the use of native oyster species, ensuring ecological harmony and resilience to climate change. By intertwining scientific expertise, community collaboration, and a commitment to native biodiversity, our initiative not only revitalizes oyster reefs but also establishes a lasting impact on marine ecosystems, creating a blueprint for sustainable restoration efforts.

  • TRL 9 - Actual system proven through successful mission operations

Financial NeedsPhase 1: 4.4 million EUR

Planned Funding Allocation
  • Sales and Marketing: 18% including the hiring of more resources
  • Operations: 82%
  • To hire more resources: Subject to securing our initial Phase One funding, we are prepared to hire additional team members, including marine biologists with decades of experience in oyster reef restoration, a marketing, communications & fundraising manager and a team of junior project managers.
  • Other, please specify