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Agri-Wise Portugal Lda

Agriculture of the future, dedicated to the production of organic food, in a sustainable and consistent way, without depending on seasonal factors and taking in consideration the protection of our environment. Our products: microgreens, baby leaf, herbs, variety of lettuces, fish filets. Certified products, accessible to local communities. Sustainable production: closed-loop system. Fully recycled water, without discharges or environmental pollution. Secondary products all reusable (fertilizer, compost, energy). 70% less water than traditional growing methods Local Production Constant production throughout the year - an offer that does not depend on imports = food security. Certifications & traceability of products. Pesticide & GMO free. Proximity market - fast supply with better freshness = Fewer food miles = smaller carbon footprint Environmental Control Highly optimized growing system. Total control data of the production parameters from the two ecosystems (fish + plants).
In this context, “AGRIWISE AQUAPONICS” project aims to support Agri-Wise Portugal, Lda. to finance the construction of a pilot installation of an aquaponics system based on the innovative technology called Bioclimatic Greenhouse or Solar Passive Greenhouse, specially developed and improved to produce fish in aquaculture and greens in hydroponics.

  • Blue biotechnology

Company behind project
Agri-Wise Portugal Lda


About Us
BRIEF BIOGRAPHY OF FOUNDERS AND CEO Gyslain Rigo - Of French nationality, born in Ivory Coast, married, 2 kids. Presently retired for 2 years. Baccalaureate in agriculture and higher education in Management, Economics and Finance. My professional life was spent in Africa, in the Democratic Republic of Congo ex Zaire and in Angola, mainly in the agro-industrial sector, coffee, milling industry, powdered milk and product distribution food. Experience in managing and growing businesses from $300K to $150.000M Passionate in developing sustainable growing systems for the future of our food. Rotarian member, past president of Luanda Rotary Club. I have attended a 4 days training session in Denvers at "the Aquaponics Source". Member of the Aquaponic Association. Currently enrolled in online courses on Food Safety, organic farm and Aquaponics, to improve my skills and knowledges.

Problem we are solving
"At present, humanity faces major challenges and problems of environmental sustainability related to fishing and aquaculture and horticulture conventional production. The growing global competition for land, water and energy, with agriculture using 67% of the global fresh water per year, extreme weather phenomena, such as droughts and floods, are increasingly causing a shortage of fresh produce in all over the world, and global warming has been causing occasional shortfalls in production at a global level. Our project faces this challenge head-on by; breeding certified fish in a RAS; producing certified original seed vegetables with no genetic modifications and implementing a sustainable and scalable food production system model.
Agriwise will subscribe to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals and will work to make them a reality, by actively contributing mainly to 8 SGDs and 24 SGD targets."

Sustainable Impact on Blue Ecconomy
The amplification and development of freshwater aquaculture serves the important objective of increasing the supply of domestic fish in our diets. In shore aquaculture, producing quality fish, can make a special contribution, reducing the impacts generated by fishing on fish stocks in the ocean. The fish chosen will be fast-growing, with little or no dependence on food with animal protein and will not require fishmeal (produced from fishery products).

  • TRL 4 - Component validation in laboratory environment

Financial Needs700.000 EUR.

Planned Funding Allocation
  • Other, please specify