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Microalgae the health and hyper nutrient solution

  • Blue biotechnology

Company behind project
Algaria Srl


About Us
Algaria is a SME based in northern Italy that develops research and innovation in the field of super-food production (especially microalgae).
Algaria is active in the soil-less production of food ingredients and products based on a specific microalga (Spirulina), with the brand: https://spireat.it/. Algaria’s brand is already one of the leading ones in Italy and EU. Different innovative Spirulina-based food products with improved nutritional values are on the market, such as snack bars, risotto. Recently, Algaria succeeded in the EU-contest Ecotrophelia for innovative-sustainable food, launching a new chips snacks protein-rich based on Spirulina.
Algaria’s productive and experimental site is located in Casalbuttano (CR, Italy). The technology includes the integration with a biogas co-generation unit, which allows for recovering heat and production continuously, over wintertime in rigid climates. An innovative membrane-based extraction unit allows the co-production of food-grade Phycocyanin pigment from Spirulina, used in the food industry as blue dye with antioxidant and anti-tumoral properties.
Algaria has also recently developed an innovative biomimetic technology based on microbial electrochemistry: the electroactive Pond (e-Pond). The e-Pond, applied to microalgae cultivation, is an object of a patent deposit pending by Algaria (International deposit N. PCT/IB2019/060329 del 29 November 2019, ITALY - N. 102018000010683 - 29/11/2018). This technology would allow the production of microalgae, using fully-recycled nutrient sources, such as secondary products, processed water from food transformation industries, and food waste.

Problem we are solving
shortage of protein and exceptionally promising use of microalgae are the main factors for promoting this microorganism as a solution for a sustainable food source. The production process represents one of the main obstacles to exploiting this resource in the Eu Country. We found our solution to produce in. an economically sustainable and environmentally friendly way

Sustainable Impact on Blue Ecconomy
in the production process, we implement different technological solutions to reuse the heat power from the cogeneration unit and use byproducts to feed our microalgae through our patent technology e-pond, this means a year-round production and a reduction opex on average of 20 %, with an environmental advantage for the reuse of minerals deriving from by-products without weighing on virgin resources.

  • TRL 7 - System prototype demonstration in a relevant environment

  • Readiness Assistance Beneficiary

Financial Needs1,5 Million to scale up the production facility.

Planned Funding Allocation
  • To hire more resources