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"River cleaning as a free service" model to tackle ocean plastic issue

Waterways plastic recovery and recycling

  • Ocean pollution & water management

Company behind project
Riverrecycle Oy


About Us
The Top Management board of RiverRecycle inlcudes:

Anssi Mikola – Founder and CEO: Anssi is an innovator and a serial entrepreneur. He is specialized on creating systemic innovations and commercializing them. Anssi has decades of experience in multicultural complex international projects.

Janne Nuutinen – COO: Janne has an impressive track record in international building projects, combining his technical engineering background with process supervision skills.

Tina Nyfors – CFO: Tina has a distinguished international career in financing (e.g. EBRD, EU technical assistance coordination; private equity, corporate finance, financial management, and investor relations). She won the silver medal at the Swiss Stock Exchange for excellence in investor relations and is one of the few IR certificate holders at the London Stock Exchange.

Problem we are solving
Plastic pollution is among the top threats to ocean health and biodiversity. 70% to 80% of ocean plastic comes from land-based sources via rivers or coastlines. With RiverRecycle’s proprietary technology, we collect plastic directly from the water bodies, and immediately halt the flow of plastic into the oceans. This helps to reduce ocean plastic and directly improves the water biodiversity health. Since December 2021, we have lifted more than 400 tons of waste from the water. Moreover, when we can demonstrate an approach that makes recycling low value plastic economically viable, we will subsequently reduce plastic waste leakage into the environment especially rivers and oceans. This helps to protect the ocean and prevent further plastic pollution.  

Sustainable Impact on Blue Ecconomy
RiverRecycle is not just a river cleaning company, we act as a process aggregator and put together the entire plastic value chain. In the ocean plastic pollution and clean-up space, there are few projects around the world cleaning up ocean and ocean bound plastic. However, the volume of the whole global clean-up operation is nowhere near 8 million metric tons of plastic waste entering the oceans every year. Moreover, most do not offer recycling and land-based collection components for a holistic solution to the issue. In the recycling sector, there are the local pyrolysis oil producers and mechanical recyclers who can be perceived to be in the same industry as RiverRecycle. However, compared to these recyclers, RiverRecycle operates on a wider landscape: from collection, pre-treatment to recycling, works with new feedstock sources: riverine and ocean bound plastic waste, accepts wider range of plastic waste: single use that currently holds no value in the recycling market.

  • TRL 7 - System prototype demonstration in a relevant environment

Financial NeedsWe are currently fundraising for 1.5M EURO to enhance our current 5 active projects and develop 5-10 more sites.

Planned Funding Allocation
  • Operations: 40
  • New premises: 60