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4SeasonCTV is a EU co-funded pilot project for validating the performance of Airkeel stabilizers on Crew Transfer Vessels.

  • Shipbuilding & Refit

Company behind project
Dacoma ApS


About Us
Arnd Baurichter is the founder and CEO of Dacoma in Denmark. He is passionate about launching new products to the benefit of people and our environment.
He understands his role in the company to empower a highly skilled and top motivated team of developers and engineers to accomplish Dacoma's patented solution to one of the biggest problems of offshore services and installations to the maritime market.

Problem we are solving
Dacoma ApS, a maritime startup based in Svendborg, Danmark, has partnered up with Tuco Marine Group, from Faaborg, Denmark, and Hamburg based OPUS Marine to launch 4SeasonCTV, a demonstrator project for validating the performance of the Airkeel technology on a full-size Crew Transfer Vessel (CTV) under operational conditions within the offshore wind industry.
The project focusses on
1) maturing final specifications and design of AirKeel for CTVs, optimizing performance in terms of operability, motion damping and fuel savings
2) demonstrating the AirKeel, retro-fitted to an existing CTV, in sheltered and open waters by real-life conditions piloting in collaboration with our partners Tuco Marine Group, renown builder of light weight, high speed work boats, and OPUS Marine, one of the leading European providers of offshore services, and making our product ready for market launch.

Sustainable Impact on Blue Ecconomy
he Dacoma Airkeel stabilizer is deemed to revolutionize the way e.g. offshore and inshore installations will be built, maintained, and repaired.
Crew transfer to offshore wind farms, construction sites, and aquaculture facilities will be safer, more comfortable, and more cost effective.

  • TRL 7 - System prototype demonstration in a relevant environment

  • Readiness Assistance Beneficiary

Financial Needs€1.5M

Planned Funding Allocation
  • Improve our R&D: 80
  • Sales and Marketing: 10%
  • To hire more resources: 10