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Agua de Sol

Agua de Sol transforms air into fresh water, using the sun, locally, in full autonomy.
This eliminated plastic bottled water and offers to people and organizations who can't drink tap water, a carbon-free, sustainable new source of water.

  • Coastal and marine tourism

Company behind project
Agua de Sol


About Us
Agua De Sol SAS was established in 2019 by Philippe Dekoninck, an expert in the field of air and gas drying; who played a significant role in projects such as the wind tunnel at the Toulouse Aeronautical Test Center, dryers for the French Navy missiles and the Marcoule’s nuclear center, air supply to ozone generators and many others…

His expertise and experience inspired the SunAir Fountain®, which is not intended to provide dry air after removal of water, but quite the opposite – to provide clean drinking water after the removal of dry air! (Patents in France and USA).

Philippe was later joined by two key shareholders and senior executives, with international experience, including starting up companies in various countries and regulated markets.

Philippe passed away in May 2023, after transferring is knowledge, experience and “baby” to the team. His legacy is in the Team’s hands and harts.

The company governance, roles and accountabilities are clearly established, based on the core areas of expertise of each director, as follows.

The Team comprises 11 international seasoned executives:

Experience in 16 countries and 4 continents

Led large, small companies and launched 7 start ups

Skills: Governance, Engineering, Manufacturing, Management, Marketing, Communication, Sales, Finance, HR, Admin, etc.

Luc Métivier: Chairman/ CEO: Strategy, Governance, Finance, Legal, Business development
Alexandre Tosin: Production Director - Industrialization
Mohammed Belayachi: Group Business Director
Harold Ousset: Director Water Quality Control
Rami El Golli: Director Scientific and RD – Head of ADS Tunisia
Reda Aftiss: Engineer, Scientific Team
Etienne van den Peereboom: Head of GCC / UAE and Asia
Ravi Varma: HR and Admin. support and Accounting
Vincent Moulet: Industrial Design
Jean – Pierre Ravix: Life Cycle Assessment - Impact
Detlef Rochow: Communications – Competition Intelligence

The Chairman and CEO, Luc Métivier has played a key role as CEO, Group CEO and member of the board of directors of leading financial groups (Allianz, AIG-ALICO, AXA, ACR, KIPCO). He notably carried out acquisitions, transformations and the starting up of financial organizations in Europe, the Middle East and South East Asia.

He gained a broad understanding of how organizations must be developed to achieve and maintain their highest level of efficiency. He brings his experience in the management, administration and governance of international organizations.

Luc holds a Masters in Communication from the University of Quebec at Montreal - Canada, a Masters in Science and Technology (Economics and Finance option) from the University of Grenoble II and III - France, as well as a diploma from John Purdue University - USA.

He speaks English, French, Spanish, Italian and coloquial arabic.

Problem we are solving
Eliminating expensive, polluting and unhealthy plastic bottled water being bought by the tourism industry especially in the coastal area.

Offering a new source of sustainable fresh water to people and organizations who don't have or have limited access to fresh water in a number of countries.

Sustainable Impact on Blue Ecconomy
Local production of atmospheric fresh water, using a passive technology ("adsorption") and the sun, in complete autonomy.

  • TRL 7 - System prototype demonstration in a relevant environment

Financial Needs1000000

Planned Funding Allocation
  • Improve our R&D: 10%
  • Sales and Marketing: 70%
  • Operations: 10%
  • To hire more resources: 15%