What is the BlueInvest Project Pipeline?

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Projects consist of innovative, scalable and sustainable business ventures from traditional and emerging sectors of the maritime economy.

The graphs below provide an overview of the country distribution, sector, and TRL of projects currently listed in the BlueInvest Project Pipeline.


Project Country

Country in which the project is being developed and / or implemented. 

Project Sector

Main blue economy sector the project relates to.

Project TRL

Current technology readiness level of the project. 

Local Ocean / UAB Investara

Bring high quality and locally produced shrimps to consumers

  • Aquaculture

Company behind project
Local Ocean


About Us
CEO: Christophe Legrand (applicant to Blue Invest): International career in digital industry with 20 years of professional experience as an entrepreneur. Created several businesses in Europe in the digital / communication/ loyalty/ software development industries. Christophe has experience in business management, hiring and people management, strategic sales and crisis management. CTO: Eimantas Sipas: Business partner with Christophe Legrand for over 15 years. Software development maestro with deep experience in complex database development, crypto currencies exchanges and software architecture. COO: Algirdas Krupskis: 15 years of professional experience in the media and entertainment industry with several Lithuanian media creation. The rest of the team is composed of senior professionals all with over 10 years of experience in their field of expertise (finance, sales, marketing, aquaculture, biochemistry).

Problem we are solving
First of all, producing local mean it is consumed locally (no more need to imports shrimps from Asia or latin America) reducing de facto carbon footprint. Then current shrimp outdoor aquaculture has been placed on the red list of industries by Greenpeace for mangrove destruction, human rights abuse, water pollution and possible human health issues due to antibiotics and chemicals use. Our shrimp farm method is 100% bio secure, does not create waste (everyting is recycled) and our shrimp grow in a heavy metal, chemical input and antibiotic free environment. Our shrimp feed is also garanteed without GMO. And even if these statements are true we are still trying to improve it with renewable energy usage and reduction of energy used in the process of production.

Sustainable Impact on Blue Ecconomy
We have developed a method (not yet complete and optimised) that is already producing shrimps sustainably at satisfying level at a much lower price point than our local european competition.

  • TRL 7 - System prototype demonstration in a relevant environment

Financial NeedsBetween EUR 3m-7m

Planned Funding Allocation
  • Improve our R&D: 20
  • Sales and Marketing: 20
  • Operations: 20
  • To hire more resources: 20
  • New premises: 20