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Projects consist of innovative, scalable and sustainable business ventures from traditional and emerging sectors of the maritime economy.

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Anemo Robotics - Reach MVP

Autonomous biodiversity monitoring system

  • Coastal and environmental protection and regeneration

Company behind project
Anemo Robotics


About Us
We are 5 founders all studying at the Danish Technical University (DTU) in Copenhagen, Lyngby.
The founders have diverse backgrounds of Data Science, Mechanical Engineering and IT engineering.

Problem we are solving
Autonomous biodiversity monitoring system.
Currently, marine biologist will spend hours upon hours looking through underwater footage to manually look for species. It takes a marine biologist 4 hours to analyze 1 hour of footage. Using our proposed AI solution we estimate to relief up to 80% of this workload

Sustainable Impact on Blue Ecconomy
Having a robust Hardware solution that lasts for long durations underwater, combined with an AI model that automatically detects and classifies fish.

  • TRL 6 - System/subsystem model or prototype demonstration in a relevant environment

Financial NeedsPilot projects and extensive testing is the main cost-driver for our project.
We estimate roughly 20,000 € for the three planned pilot-projects (UK, DK and US)

Planned Funding Allocation
  • Improve our R&D: 100%