What is the BlueInvest Project Pipeline?

See our showcase of innovative projects and entrepreneurs who are shaping the Blue Economy.

Projects consist of innovative, scalable and sustainable business ventures from traditional and emerging sectors of the maritime economy.

The graphs below provide an overview of the country distribution, sector, and TRL of projects currently listed in the BlueInvest Project Pipeline.


Project Country

Country in which the project is being developed and / or implemented. 

Project Sector

Main blue economy sector the project relates to.

Project TRL

Current technology readiness level of the project. 


itinerant analysis of marine waters

  • Blue tech and ocean observation

Company behind project


About Us
This startup was born from the many years of experience of individual partners in three specific sectors: Software, Engineering and System Integration. The CEO has also worked as a manager in the manufacturing, marine industry and also holds titles and qualifications in the world of professional yachting as a manager and expert sailor.

Problem we are solving
we can constantly monitor our underseas, be alerted immediately to significant changes in the state of the waters (pollution), we can analyze the differences between distant surveys, study the environmental impact of human activities every day and create an artificial intelligence that helps to quickly understand dynamics global.

Sustainable Impact on Blue Ecconomy
Being a solution composed of many technologies and having a good experience on all sectors, we are able to offer a complete solution.

  • TRL 7 - System prototype demonstration in a relevant environment

Financial Needs300.000 euro

Planned Funding Allocation
  • Improve our R&D: 20
  • Sales and Marketing: 20
  • Operations: 20
  • To hire more resources: 40