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Projects consist of innovative, scalable and sustainable business ventures from traditional and emerging sectors of the maritime economy.

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improve safety

  • Shipping & ports

Company behind project


About Us

Problem we are solving
Companies and individuals are aware of the complexity of providing worker safety and improving operations by managing information from people, vehicles, machinery and assets worldwide.
Actiontracker, is an innovation leader on Internet of Things (IoT) and telecommunications systems. We provide a technolocical platform (electronic devices and Apps) that can ingest data and share it between them and the cloud using edge computing and the appropriate comms in real-time, 24/7, everywhere. Using Artificial intelligence and big data, the platform can take multilevel decisions and act locally and globally, solving problems of Safety, security, improving operations and decision-making process, breaking the information silos and cutting costs.

Sustainable Impact on Blue Ecconomy
+ Coordination: Communication of non-competitive information between stakeholders
+ Improves efficiency: Management of people and integrated machinery
+ Forecast of inputs and outputs
(geographical areas and positioning)
+ Safety in operations

(-)= LESS
- Accidents
- Costs (workforce time and fuel)
- Errors

The Actiontracker solution proposes a comprehensive solution for the telemonitoring of physical parameters and the possible interrelation between people, machines and interpersonal distances. The adjective "seamless" implies the development of a series of devices and tools, so as to cover the entire information chain, from the physical collection of data to its visualization, processing and correlation.
This solution will allow workers, vehicles and assets to be tracked while they are at their workplaces, but is not limited to just those environments. Its great flexibility, thanks to the integration of various communication technologies, could make this solution transferable to other applications such as remote monitoring of a person, even if they are in other locations, for example, in your own home, in the field of health. , in other industrial facilities, in the open air or, in a context closer to the port, on a ship (operations, railway, large merchant ships).

Actiontracker improve Safety, security and operations management (KPIs) for workers, vehicles, machinery, ships and assets.
Actiontracler Integrate in a technological platform, that includes software and electronical devices (gateways and ne solution):
1.RTLS (real time location and monitoring solution)
+ 2. GIS (geographical position, and relationship between workers and machinery)
+ 3. monitoring data (coming from people -App or wearable) and machinery (position, physical variables, coming from sensors or high level comunications)
+ 4. management (statistics)
+ 5. powered by edge commuications, edge computing and IA

Stop calculating, start measuring the real impact.
- Easy to implement, measure and support mandatory regulations, reports and new initiatives and programs, using Actiontracker technology solutions and data collection systems (i.e: ZCE, EU EMSA MRV “Thetis" system, IMO DCS, …)
- Easy to include additional ecosystem indicators, specific environmental issues (ZCE).
- Safety system for crew.
Ports (help & support) to verify remotely:
- Ballast tanks (BWMS), planned actions are carried out correctly, before the ship reaches the coast or port: MARPOL compliance in real time (filling, emptying, relief, treatment)
- Emissions, are below the allowed threshold (i.e: cold ironing).
Enforce the compliance of other regulations (ISO, IACS): electronically demonstrate when and who performed or reported an action (not just a paper notebook).
Difficult to manipulate/tamper the system or make mistakes (paper notebook, excel…) implementing Artificial intelligence

  • TRL 8 - Actual system completed through test and demonstration

Financial Needs2M€

Planned Funding Allocation
  • Improve our R&D: 30%
  • Sales and Marketing: 45%
  • Operations: 10%
  • To hire more resources: 15%