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Blueroutes, a new service from Bluepulse

Blueroutes is a container ship routing optimization solution, able to reduce vessels' energy by 3 to 5%

  • Shipping & ports

Company behind project


About Us
Bluepulse is founded by 4 senior entrepreneurs/ data scientists and engineers. Luc has 4 founded 4 start ups (2 exits), John has funded several 10s start up and took 1 public, Max has co founded 3 SaaS platforms (2 exits) and Remy has dual Data Sciences and Thermal Engineering Masters or Sciences.
This project was demoed with Spire weather and AIS data. All 2021 Uses cases are attached.

Problem we are solving
Over 80% of the imported food we buy is shipped by sea. A total of 150 million tons of food areloaded every year on refrigerated containers (reefers), travelling oceans to bring fruits, vegetables, meat, seafood and frozen food across the world.
These reefers run on electricity, produced by diesel generators on board ships and are very sensitive to atmospheric weather conditions.
Thanks to AI and over 1 billion of historical data, our solution is able to predict reefer energy and look for optimized vessel routing across oceans.
Instead of saling the shortest routes, vessels can reduce their energy use by sailing optimized routes, with better weather conditions, able to reduce reefers' energy, hence reduce the total ship's energy.

Sustainable Impact on Blue Ecconomy
Our solution works for all container ships, all reefers, and doesn't require additional sensors or data from the ship; it can optimize any container routes, across any ocean, by predicting the reefers' energy use given weather forecasts.
For a single atlantic crossing, our solution can save up to 300 tons CO2e, and over 50k€ in heavy fuel.
Ar a global scale, this solution will save over 300,000 ton CO2e and millions to shipping lines.

  • TRL 7 - System prototype demonstration in a relevant environment

Financial NeedsThe total project funding needs are 210k€.
50k€ have been already funded by the French Space Agency Space Tour program (France Relance), and Bluepulse has invested over 70k€ in design and man power to design and implement the solution.

Planned Funding Allocation
  • Sales and Marketing: +65
  • Operations: 20
  • To hire more resources: 15